Sunday, March 25, 2012

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Today I thought I'd write about another blog that I'm involved in.
Self-Access materials for ESL teachers and students
For the past 4 years, I, along with a group of local teachers, have been preparing materials for teachers and instituto students.  We meet once a fortnight and develop materials to upload to the blog.  This year, we have been trying to expand the range of materials available on the blog and have prepared several videos for use in class.


Animals (3) Cinema (4) Communication (7) Crime (2)Culture (36) Curiosities (40) Dates (12)Education (13) Environment (4) Fashion (3) Festivals (2)Food (6) Funny stories (3) Grammar (4) Health (8) Holidays(5) Internet (14) Keys for PAU texts (71)Language (8) LINKS to ESL Activities (1) Listening (4) Money (4)Music (12) Nature (5) News (2) Numbers (2) PAU Texts (72) People (13) Pronunciation (1) Quotations(5) Reading (70) Science (5) Sports (6)Technology (25) Transport (3) Travel (22) Videos(28) Vocabulary (27) Work (2) Writing (6)

As you can see, the biggest section focuses on PAU texts.  (This is the exam that Spanish students have to take on various subjects in order to get into university).

The ones on our blog are specifically written taking the format of the PAU exam here in Cantabria (where I live) into account.  We have been delighted with the number of visits from both teachers and students to this and other sections.

Recently, we have been updating the links we have on the blog. Currently, we have 19 different categories of links.  I've rediscovered old gems and also some new sites worth sharing - future posts will cover some of these.

I hope you will visit the blog and that you appreciate the hard work behind it.  Please feel free to use the material and send us your comments and suggestions!

And if you write or know of any blogs you think should be recommended on the Teaching Together Blog, please send me the details!

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